Monday, September 18, 2017

57. Biennale in Venice - A Week in September - Sunday

So it's Sunday, the last day of my wonderful week - mainly - in Venice. Over the past few days I've mainly posted on all the art that I've seen and left most of the touristy stuff aside.

But after I've been coming here for a while now, today - as a little souvenir - I'll share some recommendations and little tips with you.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

57. Biennale in Venice - A Day Trip to Padua - Saturday

Today it proved - again - that staying in Mestre has many advantages: To get away from the weekend's hustle and bustle in Venice (as if Venice is a serene place during the week....) I took the train to Padua, 14 (!) minutes from Venice and the perfect place for a day trip when in Venice for a longer time.

Even if there was nothing else to see in Padua, the Scrovegni chapel alone is already worth the visit.

Although Padua is an orphan compared to glamorous, mysterious Venezia, it's absolutely underrated. Of course there aren't these fantastic palazzi at every corner, hello?! this is the real world. But there are a couple of nice spots and buildings absolutely worth the visit once you're tired of this constant pushing and shoving of masses of people.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

57. Biennale in Venice - A Week in September - Friday

Today was my last full day in Venice since I'm planning an extra-trip for tomorrow - let me surprise you - and Sunday I'll be heading back to Milan to catch my flight back home.

Look from one bridge at the other - and there are still 433 more to chose from.

Therefore today I did enjoy the city to the max: Eat, Pay, Look.

Friday, September 15, 2017

57. Biennale in Venice - A Week in September - Thursday

This is my seventh time to Venice - the last three times were on the occasion of the Biennale. This takes away the urge of  doing all the heavy duty tourist activities like riding on the ridiculously overpriced Vaporetti, the water buses, or standing in line forever to see Saint Mark's or buying tacky glass figurines from Murano.

View from the Punta della Dogana at the Giudecca island.

But it doesn't mean that my days are not busy. Even without constantly losing my way I'd be on the alley (since there is not road) again from dawn till dusk.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

57. Biennale in Venice - A Week in September - Wednesday

No visit to Venice would be complete without getting lost in this web of narrow alleys and "sottopassegi", the low gateways that nobody recognizes as 'streets', and bridges that lead to nowhere. One single wrong turn, one bridge which runs parallel to the one you are supposed to take and you are lost for hours! But wait, this cute little store at the corner, isn't it...nope it isn't, it never is, it just looks exactly like the other hundred cute little corner stores.

Yes, it is a beautiful place to get lost in. But there comes a moment when you wanna know where you are and how to get home.

Today there is at least Google maps so desperate tourists are wandering around with their eyes on their phones instead on big outspread paper maps. Actually I had the impression that they are as lost as they were a couple of years ago, only that they now have to pay roaming charges (whereby since mid of June Europeans don't anymore). Today I saw a lost family of five sitting on the doorstep of an abandoned building with their luggage scattered around them contemplating where they did go wrong.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

57. Biennale in Venice - A Week in September - Tuesday

I will never forget the moment I arrived for the first time in Venice: twelve years ago - first stop of a rail trip to Cinque Terre (by the way another piece of paradise fallen on earth) via Verona, Florence, and Pisa.

Under the Venetian Sky.

We got out at Piazzale Roma, it was July, it was hot, Venice was packed, hordes of (mainly American) tourists pushed themselves -and each other - through the narrow alleys and wider streets; usually the epitome of hell.