I don't get Paddington bear: how could he have left Peru? This country - divided into the geographic areas sierra, selva, costa,  i. e. mountains, jungle, coastline - has so much to offer! Not only geographic, but also cultural, culinary, and spiritual variety, so that everyone gets to simply love Peru. Everybody but stupid Paddington who went to England of all places.

As very often I didn't have enough time to really explore and enjoy all the parts that are worth a visit. I'll be back, but before I let you at least know what I was able to see.

My main interest was the sierra part - the mountainous region South of Lima stretching to the border of Bolivia and Chile. This part is called the "plano alto" because although it's on top of mountains, it's plain, you realize only that you are about partly more than 4.000 meter/ 13,000 feet above sea level because you feel dizzy and nautious. This route is also called, offhand, "ruta del gringo" because I'm by far not the only one who finds this the most fascinating Peruvian region.

Peruvian child with alpaka

Peru has a population of about 28,2 million people and a size of 1,285 million sq km (approx. 496,000 sq mi). Due to the different altitudes and further topography variations the climate is extremely varied. From sultry rainforest in the Amazonas region towards Brazil over the moderate temperatures along the coast to the cold mountains and extreme drought of the desert from Paracas down to Chile. There are three official languages: besides Spanish (you might brush up yours on babbel) there are also the indio languages Quechua and Aymara. The local currency in Peru is called Sol (plural: Soles), that you can convert e. g. on XE.

Plaza Mayor en Lima
the chandelier








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