Wednesday, November 22, 2017


After today I think I should change my blog's name: Even after four days in Cambodia, I haven't said that loudly "bye" to myself. And the ongoing mishaps really keep on testing me big time.

Yes, don't frown. Mind you, it's a journey, not a vacation.

I want my life - and my travels, too - planned and organized just as booked.
My life - and my trip - don't seem to know...or they just don't care.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


The first day or two at a place I've never been to before are always like having fallen into Alice's rabbit hole: Pleasantly real and amazingly surreal at the same time. There are no rabbits with watches crossing my way, but many people - and all of them belong here and all of them know where they are heading to....but me. And I can rub my eyes as often as I please - I am here in this unreal reality.

Phnom Penh Cambodia
Although a picture of a fancy Wat might be more promotionally effective, this picture shows Phnom Penh's charm to me.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

FRANKFURT - city of stark contrasts

For decades Frankfurt had a very bad reputation - especially in the rest of Germany: ill famed for sex and crime in contrast to cold, charmless facades of skyscrapers housing scrupulous banks overtowering a sinister sex and crime scene at the adjacent Bahnhofsviertel, the neighborhood around the main station.

Frankfurt Skyline - bye:myself
This is Frankfurt....
(ⓒ #visitfrankfurt, Photo: Holger Ullmann)
Römerberg - bye:myself
....and this is Frankfurt, too.
(ⓒ #visitfrankfurt, Photo: Holger Ullmann)

Therefore the first and for you travellers most important contrast I'd like to point out is the one between Frankfurt's bad reputation and the reality.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

so it's not getting out of hands: what to put in your hand luggage

Hand luggage - I'm a big fan, huge supporter and passionate user. Where possible, I even try to travel exclusively with hand luggage, not only because the cheap airlines charge almost the same amount you've paid for the ticket for checking luggage. No, it's simply much more comfortable and so much faster; although since they established the security regulations regarding liquids, it has become a bit tricky. And once I got almost arrested at a French airport for carrying cheese.

man pulling cabin case
Globetrotting the easy way.

But mostly it's really much more handy, and the longest I 'survived' on hand luggage were two weeks in Italy in summer; and I did not stink...

Saturday, October 28, 2017

COPENHAGEN - cozy and crazy

Scandinavia is beautiful: There are modern cities and cute little towns, rambling woods, broad sand beaches along the Northern Sea (which is actually part of the Atlantic Ocean) and the Baltic Ocean.

Christiansborg castle Copenhagen
Danish as can be: The iconic Christiansborg castle with its highlight, the royal reception rooms.

And where there is water, there are islands; actually Scandinavian countries consists of many islands - and the most rugged one is Denmark.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

United Colors of B...iennale

Hard to believe that it's been already one month ago that I've been to Venice on the occasion of the 57th Biennale. Time passes so fast. But it's a good moment to look back on this marvelous and inspiring visit and show you my favorite works so you save time in case you join the final sprint: The Biennale is on till November 26!

John Waters
One of John Waters' three boards why studying art.

I put together my very personal collection of the works that I liked the best. I've left out some of the pieces that I've already introduced during my daily Venice-posts "...a week in September" and although I've sorted the works by country, they are not necessarily from the designated country pavilion.